Maya Abdominal Therapy and Massage

Maya abdominal massage is a traditional healing technique practiced for thousands of years by the Maya people and similarly by other indigenous cultures around the world. It is a non-invasive external technique performed slowly and gently, intended to create balance and circulation back into the energetic center of our being.  Gently working the muscles, fascia, ligaments, and other connective tissues that hold the digestive and reproductive organs in place relieves tension and creates homeostasis in the body.

This work is for everyone, and is beneficial for anyone experiencing:

-Digestive issues

-Painful or irregular menstrual cycles

-Fibroids or cysts

-Held emotions in the gut/Sexual trauma

-Infertility issues

-Uterine prolapse

Displacement to these organs may occur due to trauma, many years of poor posture, repetitive habits, or muscles that have become lax or too tense, while the massage technique stimulates blood flow, loosens adhesions and encourages organs to re-align to the optimal position. In particular, this allows the uterus to be more receptive to nutrient/oxygen-rich blood, increase nerve communication, and improve the flow of chi/prana/ch’ulel/life force.

Energetically speaking, many Maya healers focus their entire treatment on the abdomen, as the abdomen is the storehouse of human emotions. Emotions such as fear, anger & resentment, tighten the muscle fibers around the arteries and organs, blocking blood flow. Having some clearing in the area allows for blockages to be released and healed.

Integrative Therapuetic Massage

Each session may look a little different, but combines the use of deep tissue techniques to break up adhesions and the superficial fascia, Thai stretches to help move and flow the joints and energy, followed by the long lustrous strokes of Swedish to flush the system, releasing and relaxing the nervous system.



Postpartum Massage Treatments

Postpartum massages are done in the clients home.  Traditionally, the first six-week period after birth is seen as the most transitional and vulnerable time in a birthing person’s life. Not only from a hormonal and biological standpoint but an emotional and spiritual perspective as well. When we look at cultures around the world, we see that there is a very strict protocol on how to treat women postpartum, and have learned that many health issues that come up down the road are directly correlated to how a woman healed and was cared for during her postpartum time. Creating a solid foundation for healing those first six weeks is critical for sustaining and maintaining well-being.  These treatments are aimed to aid in the birthing persons’ recovery and include an Ayurvedic and Mayan massage, herbal baths, and traditional belly binding.

Prenatal Massage

Helping to alleviate some of the normal pregnancy aches and pains, creating circulation, as well as preparing  and relaxing the body and mind for birth.


Thai Yoga Massage

Pulled from the teachings of the ancient bodywork systems of Thailand, this massage and healing art combines different techniques and has extensive roots in Ayurveda and yoga. Thai yoga massage helps to increase the joint’s range of motion, balance the flow of energy in the body and nervous system, and lengthen muscles with progressive stretching. Sessions include passive yoga stretches, leaning pressure, herbal compresses, acupressure points, and it is performed on the table or floor mat. 

Differing from other massage modalities, Thai yoga massage works the energy lines that resemble, yet are separated from the Chinese meridian lines, and gets deeper into the spaces between the bones and tendons. The receiver is fully clothed to enable ease, fluidity, and privacy.  During the treatment, the client may be moved through up to 5 positions including supine, inverted, side-lying, prone, and seated. 


*Wear flexible and comfortable clothing that allows for yogic movement.