Her Blood is Gold: An Introduction to the Menstrual Cycle

Are you curious to know what’s happening in your body each month? Ready to work in harmony with the seasons of your cycle?

Your menstrual cycle is an important indicator of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being, offering insight to where you may need more nourishment.  Many symptoms women experience and accept too easily as ‘normal’ are signs imbalance that can be easily relieved.

For thousands of years, a woman’s menstruation was a celebrated time. It signified life, creativity, and power. Women were once considered to be at their most visionary when she bled.  In today’s world, we have become disconnected from this ancient knowledge and have been conditioned to view our cycle at best as an inconvenience. It is time to remember, reclaim, and reconnect to the wisdom and power of the menstrual cycle.

Each class will unfold differently as we dive into understanding the menstrual cycle and shared wisdom on how to support and honor its four phases.

Topics to be Covered:

⦁ Overview of the female anatomy
⦁ Physiological & hormonal process of the menstrual cycle
⦁ Lunar & Seasonal relation to the menstrual cycle
⦁ Nourishing foods, herbs, exercises, and self-care practices for each phase of the menstrual cycle
⦁ Recognizing signs of imbalance

I learned so much at this class that helped me understand my body better. As a woman, I knew there were cycles my body went through but this really opened my eyes about how to take care of myself throughout each phase! Thanks for a great class and holding space for all of us to learn!

Dr. Patti Gonzalez

Elevation Health