Traditional Postpartum Treatments

Imagine you’ve just given birth, all your organs feel out of place, you are feeling sore, tired and overwhelmed with all of the things that come with becoming a mother. You’re giving all your energy to nourishing this new life you’ve created, but maybe you’re completely unaware of how to nourish yourself. You may not even fully recognize yourself or what you need. New mothers are as delicate as their newborns and are recommended to rest and nest.  There is a profound time of physical, emotional, and sleep changes which requires a woman to be well nourished and taken care of.

 Traditionally, the first six-week period after birth is seen as the most transitional and vulnerable time in a birthing person’s life. Not only from a hormonal and biological standpoint but an emotional and spiritual perspective as well. When we look at cultures around the world, we see that there is a very strict protocol on how to treat women postpartum, and have learned that many health issues that come up down the road are directly correlated to how a person healed and was cared for during their postpartum time. 

These healing treatments are based in Ayurveda and similarly in other cultures, with the belief that there is a 42 day lying in period post birth (both vaginal and cesarean section births) and considered to be the most critical time for new mothers life to receive care and to create a solid foundation of 42 years of optimal health and wellness. 

Postpartum bodywork treatments are aimed to aid in the birthing persons’ recovery and are a combination of the best traditional healing rituals and nourishing herbal remedies to carry them forward into this next phase of their lives.